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xkcd TF-RP 3/3
You and a friend had found a pork pie hat of the black variety. This hat, little did you know, belonged to somebody else. Someone who really didn't like when his hat was lost.  
He had decided to have it cursed recently, a remote curse that was just going into effect when you/I had grabbed it to put it on.
Rules from part one apply, spare the pregnancy rule. Again, raptor protection. The main ones are;
Mature in notes.
All Side Effects Allowed.
As with part 2, no Human-Human tfs.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 0 0
xkcd TF-RP 2/3
You were shopping in the mall, and had run into a curious shop run by a beret wearing male. Just as you were walking in, another person was, also curious about the curious shop. The Beret Guy offered you both a thing, but he didn't know what it quite did. He also offered you some soup that was poured, from oddly enough, a power outlet labelled as such. He said that you can wish for a transformation of some sort, but you didn't believe him, instead going for the most ridiculous thing you could think of.
Something ridiculous please if you TF first. Depending on whether I want to or not, I will follow along with the ridiculous game.
No Human to Human tfs this time.
Ignore Part 1's rules on pregnancy. That was so you wouldn't be too crippled with the belly to guard the man against the raptors.
Any rules from part 1 apply otherwise.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 224
xkcd TF-RP 1/3
A man, who you thought was vaguely familiar, had ran up to you, seeming worried.
"Hey. You want a job? I need somebody to protect me from the raptors."
I of course, agreed, but would you?
I TF, you don't have to.
Any side effects allowed.
Preg limited 25, 10 for M-Preg
Mature in notes, yadda yadda yadda
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 375
TV Show(TF-RP)
You had just signed up for the world's latest reality show, Experiments in the magical sciences with John Rhubarb. In the show, the contestants were tested out with some sort of transformatory item. They then were put to a challenge, and the last couple of contestants were put up for elimination. If they were eliminated early enough(you can put this, though it's recommended somewhere between 60 and 80% of contestants under this category.), they'd be stuck like that. The winner of the season would be able to transform 5 other contestants, be it friends they want to turn back, or enemies that they think the show didn't do justice.
Pick a tf every section, and pick whether your OC would win or lose this.
No super OP ones, and I'll let you do these, but i'd avoid ones that'd be used to TFs.
Mature in notes.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 817
Mission Failure(TF-RP)
You, along with another rookie spy colleague, were captured by some evil team. When the colleague asked whether they'd be offed, the lady responded with.
"Oh no... What I'm about to do will be much more interesting."
I'd prefer something that wouldn't be pleasant to either party. Examples: Vore(this would suck for both parties, even if it wasn't fatal to the eaten.), Preg/M-Preg(I don't normally like M-Preg but it'd be much worse for a male than a female), Tf, then then getting tied up(you know, non-arousing bondage) or one of them MCing(They'd barely know eachother, but they'd esentially be gone.) Also, Pokemon tfs are required, as it's implied it's like Team Rocket or Team Plasma or something.
Any side effects allowed
Mature in notes
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 0 925
You got invited by someone to play a beta to a new game, SBurb. You didn't know how to play, but you got instructions. You already had a server player so that's taken care of. The means of entry on the other hand, were weird. It seems that a meteor would hit the area you were playing, and playing would take you somewhere where it wouldn't be a problem. You boot it up and are greeted by a nice green text lady.
GG: hi! i'm sorry i got to you so late, it's just that i was busy entering myself.
GG:  i'll help you to enter, though there's a weird bug that involves transformation.
GG: it seems that my friends got around it, but i think that's it.
GG: something about this being remains of some abandoned nintendo project.
Mature in notes
I'll rp as jade AKA GG.
I might rp as her buddies too. After you enter the game, I might have you have one of my rp people enter.
Pokemon tfs preferably.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 221
Slimepocalypse TF-RP
You and x other people were in your town, facing a bunch of some slimy liquid. You heard that something bad happens if the slime touches somebody, but you didn't stick around to find out.
2 pros each
2 cons each
Location of party:
Names: Arin Hanson/Dan Avidan
Ages: 29/37
Species: Both Human
Male/Female/Other: Both Male
2 pros each: Gaming and Yelling to scare things off/Rock and swinging weapons.
2 cons each: Arin can't run fast, nor is good with heavy weapons/ Dan can be a bit rash, and is overly suspicious of new allies.
Location of party: LA
Mature in notes
No max party size
Paragraph format
EXAMPLE: "Rose." Jake said sternly. "Did you eat the sopor slime?"
Grammar is also required unless your party member isn't good with english.
Anthros are allowed to start with.
Pokemon TFs preferably.
To start, comment the profile, or the words "grep"
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 44
    You and somebody else had wandered into a laboratory. You found all sorts of equipment, and decided to mess with it. There appeared to be serums, buttons, laser thingies, and some chambers. What to explore first?
All side effects allowed.
notes if you really want to.
both tf.
I might rp as homestuck characters i'm not sure.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 2 1,576
Lots and Lots of potions(Tf-rp)
You and a friend were at a potion shop. You wanted to try some transformations. You decided to get a lot of them, and take them home.

1 side effect per tf. More is allowed.
This will be as many tfs as you want.
All side effects allowed.
Mature in notes(no smut tho)
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 0 1,246
Story TF-RP
(A/N: I may make a story based of rps here. Take that I may use an edited version of an RP chain as a story before commenting.)
You had entered the mall. You saw a few new stands. YOu decided to go to one of them.
Hair Salon: Neko TFs (three only)
Palm Reader: Curse based TF/Side effect
Aromatherapy Vendor: Slime-based TF
Nice looking Mom and Pop shop: Any TF. MC required here. (most of these would be here)
No M-Preg.
MAture in notes.
I will NArrate until after TF, in which I will change to a charecter.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 0 582
Youtuber TF-RP
You had won a sweepstakes to meet your favorite youtube star! You felt so happy! But little did you know that something would happen while you were there.
Mature in notes
All side effects allowed if not mentioned.
Required Fourm;
Character's name:
CHarecter's age:
Side effects(THe sky's the limit, the only thing I dont like is M-PReg):
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 166
Candy Shop(TF-RP)
We went to the candy shop to buy some sweets. Little did we know that these sweets were cursed.
Mature in notes
No M-PReg
It is required that you have the memory of the candy shop MCed out. The victim would wake up the next day transformed, and not know why.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 1 209
Costume TF-RP
You had just showed up to a costume party, and little did you know your life would change here.
Mature in notes.
There must be a theme(limiting what your friends tfs could be.)
All side effects allowed other than M-Preg.
:iconvinesaucefan:Vinesaucefan 2 737


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Journal History

You were picked in a survey to play with one of the Game Grumps, one of your choice. Little did you know that things were going to not exactly go to plan...

Same as always, mature in notes yadda yadda yadda



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